Beggining to look a lot like Christmas…

I made this stocking this weekend on a whim.  It’s going to be a gift for a friend.  I don’t think it turned out too bad for my first stocking. 🙂



November 18, 2007. Crochet Projects. 2 comments.

Forever and a day…

… Whew!!!

I have been missing! I know, it has been a long while. But I haven’t had much time .. I have been busy graduating, studying, etc.

However, I did manage to get some crocheting done recently. I made some squares for a comfortghan the Meetup group is making for a member.

I’m hoping to be back more regularly in August. But for now… Enjoy!








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My Hands hurt!


Well — This needed to arrive at its location by Monday, and the only way I could accomplish that was by Express mail. BUT it is going to make it. I have been crocheting for hours and hours and hours on end and my poor fingers are hating me for it. I am happy with the end result though.

Now what am I going to do with myself!? Maybe it’s time to try a doily? Or – I do have the catherdral window afghan I want to do…. choices choices….



Anyway… here is my latest portrait project:




April 7, 2007. Crochet Projects. 3 comments.

Purple Portrait

This is a large portrait afghan I finished. This took a long time but it was worth it in the end. It turned out gorgious. (It helped that Gia is so darn cute to begin with.)


Here is a close up of the edging:


March 6, 2007. Crochet Projects. 2 comments.

A Lovely Lion

Well, the animals seem to keep coming. This is a lion to go with the large portrait afghan I have been working on for Gia. I will be revealing the afghan soon! So all the baby stuff is done. The unborn baby got her ripple afghan and giraffe, and the big sister got her portrait afghan and this lion. The mom was very happy with both.



March 2, 2007. Crochet Projects. 1 comment.

Lil’ Bunny

 I made this little bunny to give away at the crochet meetup.  I wanted to try out this pattern and it turned out very well.   He is pretty small so the it works up very fast.


February 21, 2007. Crochet Projects. 1 comment.

A baby Giraffe!

This lil guy was made to match the baby ripple afghan. I think they make a good pair and look very adorable together. They are getting packed up and shipped this weekend.


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Baby Ripple

I needed to make a baby blanket and needed something easy and fast. This was really the perfect solution and it turned out looking great. I used Lion Brand “Pound of Love” and had plenty left over. I am using the extra to make a matching Giraffe toy.


February 6, 2007. Crochet Projects. 1 comment.

After Only 2 1/2 years…

I started this blanket when I first moved to Florida. I am in the middle of a huge cleaning out of my closet and pulled it out and decided to finish it finally. Really all it needed was a border. It’s just a giant granny square, but it looks nice with the edging.

Of course Loki had to get in the picture…


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Christmas Crochet

Well – here are probably the only christmasy things I will crochet this year. I made them for the “Holiday Hookup” as part of a gift exchange. I made a little christmas bear and a double sided pot holder. I like how the pot holder turned out so I will be making it again in the future I am sure.

December 15, 2006. Crochet Projects. 1 comment.

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